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Jazz Blues Licks Study – Blues for Brandon


The previous lessons from this beginner jazz guitar course have looked at learning jazz guitar chords, comping patterns, licks, and learning tunes. This final article is a jazz blues licks study that combines everything looked at in the earlier lessons in a full performance piece. When learning jazz guitar it is essential that you have a couple of tunes to practice and apply the different techniques you are learning to. This final study piece is applied to a jazz blues tune. Once this article Read more [...]

3 Beginner Jazz Guitar Licks


So far this Beginner Jazz Guitar Lesson series has focused on jazz chords and comping patterns. In this 3rd installment of the series we are looking how to take our improvisation to the next level by learning 3 licks. If you are just checking in with the series and are new to jazz it is highly recommended that you learn the material from the two lessons first. 12 Essential Beginner Jazz Guitar Chords 3 Beginner Chord Progression Studies for Jazz Guitar This article explains how to learn Read more [...]

Jazz Improvisation – Getting Started



The Myth There is a prevailing ethos that somehow jazz can only be played by the chosen few, and it cannot, therefore, be taught. Let’s dispel that myth from the get go. The best way to do that is by highlighting the major stumbling block that many students encounter when embarking on the jazz journey. Classical musicians seem particularly prone to this mental block, because they fail to appreciate that the same time and effort they put into perfecting a classical piece, needs to be applied Read more [...]

3 Basic Skills Needed for Jazz Improvisation



As I'm progressing on my jazz guitar journey and moving into my study of improvisation, I'm starting to learn that there are 3 broad "skills," or umbrella categories of knowledge or abilities we must have to actually be called a musician. Each skill builds upon each other. Academic Knowing what you want to play and how to play it. This category consists of the knowledge of your entire music education stored in your brain. A small percentage of this knowledge can be attained from a good music Read more [...]

Let the transcribing begin


As I said previously in my last couple of posts, I have grown frustrated a bit with my current progress, so I've decided to take a bit of a detour from my chords and tunes only routine. I'm going to transcribe a few solos. Not sure which ones yet, except one. Miles Davis in Autumn Leaves. That's the only one I know for sure yet. The others I'll let you know later. I'm not exactly going to stop going through my Mickey Baker, and William Leavitt books, or learning new chords. It's just time for Read more [...]